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Blueberry Summer | Smooth & Savory's Keto-Friendly Blend

Smooth & Savory presents The Blueberry Summer

Smooth & Savory started Keto-Friendly options about 2 years ago when the ketogenic diet became popular in Austin, Texas. This was the first option we offered before we began our #KETOGASM Menu Selection. A Delicious Blend of Blueberries, Peanut Butter, Almond Milk, and Vanilla Whey Protein - this smoothie had become tied between our 2nd and 3rd most popular smoothie of 2019! Under 10g Net Carbs* and only 4g Sugar!

We now, of course, serve the Blueberry Summer in Austin AND San Antonio!

Contains 359 Calories / 33g Protein / 7g Net Carbs / 19g Fat / 7g Fiber / Only 4g Sugar

*Net Carbs are the total grams of fiber subtracted from total grams of carbohydrate. Fiber is non-digestible and does not count toward your total carbohydrate intake. The ketogenic diet involves very low daily carbohydrate intake with moderate protein and high fat intake. The Blueberry Summer is a safe and compliant smoothie for anyone on a ketogenic diet.

More information can be found at

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