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Smooth & Savory | Who We Are

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Smooth & Savory

Welcome to . First off, thank you for checking us out! We are very excited to expand our following throughout Austin & San Antonio. Feel free to look around our official site and contact us for any questions (using the contact forum). You can also subscribe for regular updates, discounts, and specials!

Who We Are

Smooth & Savory started in 2016 inside an LA Fitness Gym in Austin, Texas. Originally our company's target was the regular gym member, however, we had the privilege of meeting guests from all our town with varying fitness and nutrition goals. The common denominator we found was that most people wanted to eat healthier but still enjoy, even savor their meals.

Many of our first customers were either on strict meal plans or just starting out with no clear direction. Beginners to a more Nutritious and Fit Lifestyle just needed a place to start, while some of our guests who were more experienced in the Fitness routine grew jaded with their restrictive meal plans.

As a company, we found our success through balancing the Best of Both Worlds. We focused on providing both Protein-Based Smoothies and Healthy Meals with a combination of Fitness-Oriented Macros and varying Flavors. We successfully opened a second location in San Antonio and have been serving both communities since!

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