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Smooth & Savory's Turkey Ragu w Chickpea Pasta

One of our Top Selling Customer Favorites for TWO YEARS in a row has been our Turkey Ragu w Chickpea Pasta. This is a Heart Healthy Lean Ground Turkey Ragu Sauce over Gluten-Free Chickpea Pasta Rotini serving you the following macronutrients:

430 Calories

38g Protein

11g Sugar

13g Fat

10g Fiber

34g Net Carbs*

This is the perfect meal for our Pasta-Lovers looking to switch to a much healthier and fitness supporting alternative! Our guests can't get enough of this meal. Order on GrubHub or UberEats for Pick-Up, Curb-Side, or Delivery. This meal is Too Good To Go!

*Net Carbohydrates are the total grams of carbs minus grams of fiber. Fiber is not digestible and therefore does not count toward your total carb intake.

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